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Lola's Blissful Trails

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Founded in 2009,  by Norma Christie, a lifetime rescuer, volunteer & foster pet-parent. 

Norma loves all breeds and feels that all animals should be loved, respected

and cherished!  Having over 10 years hands-on experience with abused and

abandoned animals, Norma knows first-hand the importance of earning your pets'

trust and your peace of mind.  Lola's Blissful Trails is named after

her dog Lola (pictured above) who was abused by her previous owner. 

What makes Lola's Blissful Trails different?

We take pride in giving your furry friends one on one attention, love, patience

and ample exercise they desperately need while you are away from them.  All 

visits/dog walks are customized to each respective needs.  Your pets well-being is 

our top priority!

Remember: A well-exercised dog is a healthy dog; a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Which makes for an even happier pet owner!

Thank you for visiting!