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Lola's Blissful Trails was founded by Norma Christie in 2009.  Norma decided to start her own pet service business after comments from  several people on how displeased they were with their current dog walker.   She wanted to provide a much different service.  Norma loves all breeds and feels that all animals should be loved, respected and cherished!  She has always saved a huge part of her heart for those abused and abandoned animals.  As a matter of fact, Lola's Blissful Trails is named after her dog Lola (pictured above) who was abused by her previous owner. 

There has been various times when we've heard the following comments: "My dog doesn't get along with others or my dog barks at other dogs and people".  Then these same individuals are pleasantly surprised when a picture of their dog with a new buddy is text to them.  It has been known that bad dog behavior will go away with much needed attention and exercise.  Unfortunately, there are many individuals who believe that if they have a big enough backyard, it is OK not to take their dogs on daily walks.  All dogs enjoy the great outdoors, where they can walk, play,  run & socialize with other doggies. Simply be themselves without any restrictions. 

Do not allow your furry friend to cope with loneliness by sleeping the hours away, gaining weight, and losing muscle mass and most likely suffer more joints and health problems.  Return home from work or a vacation to a content dog.

What makes Lola's Blissful Trails different? We take pride in giving your furry friends one and one attention, love, patience and ample exercise they desperately need while you are away from them.  

Remember: A well-exercised dog is a healthy dog; a healthy dog is a happy dog!

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